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David Lissah

Managing Director

Strengths-based Management Consultant

Located between England and Northern Ireland, David Lissah is a lover of life with a passion for people, and as such his brand was born on the idea of making a positive contribution to the community, for its people, for its businesses, and in making the world a better place. His entire career has been spent working in the service of others, and this is a path that it shall continue.

He is a senior business leader and a chartered practitioner in strategic management and leadership with a safety compliance specialist background. With over 20 years management experience at varying levels, from junior to senior management, David has worked in multiple environments from military, engineering and facilities management, to leading inclusive communities in sports and recreation.

David has created and led high performing teams from 2-132 personnel and has supported the delivery of projects from minor to circa £150million.

As a management consultant, David works with individuals and corporate teams who are going through change or overcome the challenges they face, and who want to move forward with confidence, clarity and purpose.

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Joanna Knight

Director Associate

Lifestyle & Faith Coach

Joanna is a qualified Health & Safety Inspector with a degree in Chemical Engineering.  Throughout her career she visited over 400 sites working with a wide range of people from CEOs, CFOs, Executive Principals, Senior Managers and business owners. 


Joanna uses discernment to see through the corporate veneer of how organisations and individuals want to be portrayed.  The variety of companies she has worked with, and for, has enabled her to develop a questioning style that encourages people to open up and get to the heart of the issue.


Her investigative skills allows her to take in the big picture and also to handle the details to hone in on the truth which is key to unveiling the solutions within you to the challenges you are facing.


Joanna’s use of intuition helps her see things differently and come up with creative questions which in turn activates creative thinking in you.


Coaching with Joanna will help you to see your life and the world differently, bringing alignment between who you are now and who you need to be to lead a fulfilled life.

Team Meeting

My Vision

"My vision is to live in a world where being an equitable, safe, sustainable and values driven business is second nature and I am committed to promoting action and changes that amplifies the good work of good people in meeting my vision"

Charities We Support

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