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Voluntary Work

Why Volunteer?

Welcome to my world of volunteering. My volunteering work takes me across England and Northern Ireland. I like to think that I am more than just a consultant; I'm a force for positive change and community work. My decision to step away from the confines of large corporations and embark on the journey of consulting was driven by a deep desire to give back and serve the community that has shaped me.

As a lover of life and a passionate advocate for people, I believe in the power of businesses to make a meaningful impact. With this belief at the core of my brand, it was born with the intention of making a positive contribution to the community, its people, and its businesses. My ultimate goal is to create a world that is better, more compassionate, and more inclusive.


Dog Foster Carer

I love all animals, but personally I believe that you just cant beat the companionship of these fury friends. As a doggie foster carer, I support dog charities whom are unable to house rescued dogs due to their age, medical or emotional conditions. My role is to care for them, nurture them, help them grow in confidence and gain that faith back into humanity whilst finding their forever home. It's a role that is exhausting, but thoroughly exhilarating and rewarding. Seeing the results whenever our resident is permanently homed is just indescribable.

Educational Mentor

Through The Diana Award I support in the delivery of 12 week Mentoring Programmes aimed a 12-15 year olds. Through these programmes we help to build skills, gain confidence and insight into  employability of young people, preparing them for adult life.

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