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Management Hub


Competency Framework

My Competency Framework is designed to help you achieve the outcome that you wish to see, in a structured and meaningful way. The framework follows good management practice and includes 16 core competency and 8 knowledge areas for development. This framework can be used in part or full and in accordance with individual needs. Click below to read the framework in more detail.



Skills Assessment

You are about to enter the Skills Hub Assessment Area and the next important step in your journey. By completing your Management Skills Assessment and associated 360 Degree Feedback Loop we will establish just how your management skills and behaviours show up to the world around you. This part of the journey will help us identify exactly where we need to focus our energy for change. Click below and let's get started.

Working on a Computer

Your Management Resources

Whether you want to Develop Your Confidence, improve on Managing Your Time, or gain a better understanding in Change Management Practices, I have the resources here for you. Once you have signed up to work with me, you will have a lifetime of unrestricted and unlimited access to the resources you need, covering all the topics within the competency framework.

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