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Setting The Tone For A Safety Culture

By David Lissah CMgr CMI, InstLM

A recent article in SHP highlights that having a strong safety culture is increasingly seen as one of the cornerstones of a robust occupational health and safety system. And a priority for businesses.

In my experience as a Safety Compliance Specialist, Health and safety in the workplace is heavily influenced by people and their behaviours. While policies, procedures, and safety systems are essential, it is ultimately the actions and attitudes of individuals that determine the overall safety culture within an organisation.

Managers and leaders play a crucial role in influencing a safety culture within an organisation. By adopting a strengths-based management approach, they can focus on leveraging the positive qualities and behaviours of their employees to promote and enhance safety. Here are some things managers and leaders can do to influence a safety culture through behaviours using a strengths-based management approach.

✔ Lead by example

✔ Recognise, reinforce and celebrate positive safety behaviours

✔ Encourage employee involvement and empowerment

✔ Provide regular feedback and coaching

✔ Foster a culture of learning and growth

✔ Communicate and reinforce your safety culture and values

Part of our theme of the week “Good management and leadership starts with you”

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