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Personal Coaching & Mentoring

Let's get you started

Are you looking to explore coaching? Not sure it's for you? Curious to know more about what it entails and the benefits you walk away with?

Or maybe you're at a crossroads and thinking about making a change in your career? 

Some of the common hurdles I help my clients overcome are:

  • Growing in self-confidence

  • Laying the foundations to step into management or promotion

  • Becoming a more integral part of your team

  • Being more efficient whilst managing heavy workloads

  • Having difficult or performance related conversations


I offer a free taster session if you want to dip your toe in, from there if we get on well and you feel that I am the right fit, we can always discuss where you can go next!

Want to book a session or just find out more? Book your free online call now.

Let's get you started.

Personal Coaching & Mentoring fees start from £99.00ph

Personal Management Coaching & Mentoring

All coaching services start with a free exploratory call to ensure that you are provided with everything you need, setting you up for success. 

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Coaching On Demand

A one-hour 121 session that does what it says on the tin! We get straight down to where you are at right now and help you overcome that challenge or achieve that goal you wish to see - so you have value right off the bat! (Great for first-timers if you want a taster and find out what it is really about).

Usually, I find once the first session is complete most then get very excited about lots of other possibilities, what else could be achieved and often wish to explore this further… So for those who want to build on the progress made in our 121 session I have a more in-depth development program at the ready too…...

These sessions can be booked individually or in blocks.

Management Coaching Programme

For those who are serious about development and wish to progress in their career, this programme will help you to unlock your own personal growth plan. This is a truly priceless journey of self-discovery and personal developent, including:

- Full access to industry-leading Strengths psychometric assessment on your top strengths and drainers.

- Your own Management and leadership Skills Assessment.

- Your Professional 360 Degree Feedback Loop

- Your own full reports to evidence and back up all our findings during the discovery process.

- Post completion 3 and 6-month review to check in to support personal accountability.

- Plus 12 months management support via email

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Mentoring Programme

More and more professionals these days are actively seeking mentors to help advance their careers. A good mentor relationship is mutually beneficial......for both mentor and mentee. 

It is a great opportunity to look at things through different lenses, different perspectives and discover new ways to explore challenges or resolve difficult situations.

As your mentor, I will be your independent sounding board, share with you experiences and approaches. I will provide you with a safe space to explore your ideas, question and test theories. returning to your organisation with confidence.

In addition to coaching programmes we can provide Management Skills Assessments and 360 Degree Feedback Sessions as individual one-off packages so you can learn, grow and develop without any long term financial commitment.

Do you want to see how your Management Behavioural Skills and Competencies show up day to day? Do you want insights into how effectively they are deployed? Do you want to know your leadership default style? Then I can help you.

Once complete we then encourage you to share your journey! So, at the end of your assessments, I guide and support you in sharing them with your relevant line manager…

Experience has shown that by doing so nearly always increases the likelihood of further discussions and development within the workplace and importantly, your career.

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